"Readying you for the digitalization of your clients and markets through digitization of your enterprise."
Independent enterprise architecture and business integration expertise.

Our expertise is aimed at supporting you in realizing the objectives in your digital business strategy by reducing noise and friction between your business and IT organizations and by providing you with quality assurance methods and techniques.

Enterprise architecture

We can contribute to the technological evolution and digitization of your organization by helping you optimize the alignment of business and IT and confirming your choices for technology.

Enterprise integration design authority

We can help structurally minimizing misalignment of solution requirements and deliverables by initiation of a center of excellence that focuses on optimization of requirements management for and enforces the appropriate design methodology of enterprise integration solutions.

Enterprise integration architecture

With over a decade of practical experience in enterprise integration (EAI, B2B, SOA, ROA, EDA) in many different industries and cultures, we can support your ongoing business integration activities. Whether your organization is just discovering enterprise integration or has a need to modernize or consolidate business architectures, we have been there and can share our expertise with you.

Quality assurance

We provide technology selection validation, post-delivery quality control and requirements audits to ensure the delivered solution uses a relevant and appropriate technology, matches the agreed requirements and fulfills the business objectives.

Crisis management

We can support you with the reanimation of stranded technology projects and initiation of project delivery salvaging initiatives to minimize direct and collateral damage and cover costs where possible.

Complementary to the vendor and technology independent consulting expertise we offer, our technology services can support your organization with specialist architecture, design and implementation skills for Software AG's webMethods Digital Business Platform.

Design methodology

Based on the many years of field experience in highly challenging environments we have compiled a design methodology that enforces design consistency and ensures a higher level of delivery quality. The methodology supports any size of project and can be used in traditional and agile project approaches.

Design and design review

Having been closely involved with many of Software AG's global strategic customers, we can design your integration solutions for you or validate your own solution designs and technical designs against well known design principles and global best practices.

Component development

For those aspects of your business integration challenges that require technical solutions beyond the capabilities of your available technical staff, we can offer result-driven fixed price implementation service.

Adapter development

Where the out-of-the-box webMethods platform components and adapters do not meet your requirements or support your (proprietary) communication protocols, custom adapter development may provide the answer you need.

To remove any unnecessary dependencies on our availability, we productize the tools we develop in the course of our service delivery and make them commercially available to our customers and partners.

Service benchmarking

ServLoadr is an Integration Server solution that allows you to thoroughly benchmark any service. The framework can run any service, simulating any number of concurrent users, and presents the results on a easy to use dashboard. The framework provides an easy way for you supply unique data to every iteration of the test.

For more information, visit http://servloadr.centipod.nl/.

Rapid development file integrations

DataFeedr is rapid development platform running on Integration Server, that allows you to create high performance file integrations within hours instead of days (or more). The framework can handle files of any type, size and format.

For more information, visit http://datafeedr.centipod.nl/.

Policy based source code validation

FlowSealr enables customers to validate design time aspects of delivered source code for the webMethods platform, either from internal teams or third parties, to ensure quality beyond functional and performance testing. The extensive and extensible set of policies covers a range of validations, including best practice coding constructs, code quality and code complexity.

For more information, visit http://flowsealr.centipod.nl/.

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